We Love Louisville!

by Stacey

We had no idea how much we missed Louisville until we recently spent a week with friends and church family.  We treasured every minute of it and felt at home back in a familiar church, driving around on familiar streets, and being with people who know us well. We were having such a great time that we forgot to take pictures of a lot of loved ones. However, we did remember to take a couple…
This is Karen Danka. She was so kind to make us dinner, hosted an Open House in our honor, and even make a cake that said “We Love You Hares!” Dave can attest the cake was excellent, but is unable to comment on the veggie tray.
This is Allison. She is a hard-working advocate for the unborn, diligent organizer for most of our support raising functions, and also able to take photos with me without missing a beat on her calls. Hanging out at A Woman’s Choice was one of my highlights.

We Love Oakley!

Future co-workers gathered for a night of fellowship and Finding Nemo.
I know buddy, we’re sad to leave too!

Author: David M. Hare

Dave is currently still engaged in language learning and analysis of the Kwakúm language. His focus is grammar and discourse analysis. The Kwakúm language committee is planning to begin translating the Bible in the summer of 2019. At that point Dave will focus on translation.

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